About Us

What is Capitol Row?

Inclusive - Capitol Row is Iowa's first indoor rowing facility. We provide full body, low-impact, trainer-led classes in a team environment. People of all abilities will find a home on the Capitol Row Crew.  Our classes are safe, self-paced and FUN!  

Engaging - At Capitol Row, we connect with our Crew members and the community through classes, social events, charity rows, and home/away competitions. So, whether you are just getting started or looking for a challenging addition to your training routine, come join us! 

Challenging - Are you motivated by competition? Indoor rowing is not just a workout, it's a sport! Every member will have the opportunity to compete in home and away indoor rowing competitions. These events are positive, fun and growing in popularity.

Complete - Rowing works 85% of the muscles in our bodies, head to toe. Rowing is recognized as one of the most effective forms of full-body exercise. Benefits of our program include:
— Burning more than 750 calories in every class
— Increased strength and endurance
— Improved fitness levels and overall health
— Increased motivation and mental focus
— Measurable progress and performance

The centerpiece of every Capitol Row class is the Concept2 Erg; the world-wide standard for on and off-water training and competition. The Concept2 is used by many modern fitness programs because it works.  Plus, rowing is fun! 

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Capitol Row provides an inclusive, challenging environment designed to build our bodies and spirits. We believe in inspiring our crew members and connecting with our community.







  • Concept2 Model D

  • Concept2 Model E

  • Stretching/Warm-Up area

  • Interval training equipment

  • Locker Rooms

  • Showers