Next Race: Friday, January 18, 2019

Friday nights are RACE NIGHT! Once a month, Capitol Row hosts sprint races starting at 7 PM. Races are open to the public and all categories of rowers. Races are held in the 2,000m, 1,000m, and 500m distances, as well as a 4 x 500m Team Relay! This event is open to all levels. Spectators welcome!

Participants register by reserving their spot here and by sending a follow-up email to, indicating the events in which they will compete. Racing fees are the same as Capitol Row class rates. Racing is free to Capitol Row Unlimited Members.

What is it?

A sprint is a race on indoor rowing machines called ergometers (ergs). The Capitol Row Sprints use Concept 2 Model D & E ergs. The ergs are lined up side by side, synced to a centralized timing system. Everyone starts at the same time and race to post their best times!

The system counts down to a starting horn. The system is also synced to TV screens with each erg represented as a boat on the monitor. Athlete's names will appear next to the boat and the boat moves on the monitor relative to the other racers.

There are 8-16 ergs set-up for each race. This means that there are sometimes more than one flight per event. The fastest time out of all the flights will win that category. Competitors may race in more than one event..

When we’re not racing, the Friday night racing slot will be dedicated to Crew Training, with Capitol Row Crew members and guests working to improve race strategy and performance. The Capitol Row Crew will also use this time to train for away races and discuss travel logistics. Ask about joining our crew!