As we say, indoor rowing is not just a workout, it’s a SPORT! The Capitol Row Crew trains for and competes in indoor races held at Capitol Row and at indoor regattas, such as the Iowa Indoor Rowing Challenge and the Midwinter Meltdown. Our competitive team is open to the full spectrum of rowers, young and old, male and female, experienced rowers to beginners. Our members have a variety of goals. Some use the Concept 2 to train for ‘on the water’ rowing, some to get in shape and stay fit, some as cross training for other sports, and others are avid indoor rowers. Whatever the reason, the Capitol Row Crew provides a team environment to achieve our respective goals through training and competition, where all members are supported and celebrated.

Crew members are expected to take part in team training sessions and participate in monthly race nights as often as our schedules allow. Crew training is supplemented by Capitol Row classes and independent training assignments, which can completed during Open ERGing sessions. As we train, all members of the team support each other through motivation, guidance and support.

To join, you must have an active Capitol Row membership, which provides unlimited access to all Capitol Row classes, training sessions and in-house racing events. Outside of that, our Crew does not have any formal membership requirements. We expect our fellow Crew members to be active and support the team in various ways, such as logging meters for the Capitol Row on the C2 web site (Check your C2 Logbook profile and see that your Affiliation is Capitol Row and your Team is showing as Capitol Row Crew. To join the Team go to the Team tab and on the left hand side using the click down option look for Capitol Row Crew and the click on Join).

If you are interested in joining, please email us at

Welcome to our Crew!