The best cardio machine to burn fat? My rating.

Table of contents
  1. Let's start with the exercise bike.
  2. Treadmill.
  3. Stepper.
  4. Ellipsoid.

Quite often people in the gym ask me which form of cardio is better, which machine? How to burn more calories? Well, let's figure it out.

Let's start with the exercise bike.



I think everyone has seen it, and many have tried to pedal it. Worst fat burning cardio machine. I argue. First of all, only the legs work in this simulator. You sit relaxed, and most of you even here freebies. What is the load? What voltage? What is the metabolic equivalent (MET)? 80% will not understand what I mean at all. The metabolic equivalent is how much more energy you expend compared to the resting state. It is fundamentally.

For example, with a load of 10 METs, you spend as many calories in one hour as with 10 hours of rest. In other words, you should be at least a little hard, otherwise there is no point in the load, go home. Let me emphasize that I love the bike. Normal, I often use it as the main transport, so there is no bias. A regular bike is much more efficient than a trainer.



I would put the treadmill on the pedestal of the worst machine if you couldn't set the angle on it. The problems are the same. People are lazy. They walk slowly, holding hands on the handrails, looking at the phone. You won't burn many calories that way! Why don't you just take a walk or run in this case, why do you need a gym? Walking will burn more in an hour than walking on a treadmill.

However, there is one thing that turns this machine into an efficient calorie-burning machine - the incline angle setting. Only 15 degrees and you will burn DOUBLE more than if you were walking on a flat path. 30 degrees? FOUR. Therefore, if you have already decided to use a treadmill, set the maximum angle and do not be lazy. Don't lean on the handrails.



The stepper is one of the best fat burning machines out there, with nuances. What is a stepper in essence? This is an imitation of climbing stairs. We all know what it is. Have you tried to go up to the 5th-10th floor when the elevator is being repaired? You know) Again, what's the nuance? Don't hold on to the railings, or at least minimize it. Many people lean heavily on them, losing the lion's share of the load, and therefore efficiency. We care about efficiency, not "time to spend."



In my opinion, this is the best cardio machine for burning fat. Almost the whole body works here, and therefore it is very effective. It is worth noting that without an adequately set load, this will again be a waste of time. Don't be lazy, it must be hard for you. One of the main indicators of this is that your heart rate should be at least 120 beats per minute. 2 beats per second, easy to trace. 150 and above is too much, slow down.

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