What exercise equipment will help you lose weight and stay healthy? Top 3 Home Workout Assistants


It would seem that walking the notorious 10,000 steps a day is not so difficult. But for a modern person, this is often an impossible task. After all, we have taken care of your comfort: car, elevator, escalator, electric scooter, and much more. Moreover, it is impossible to have time to integrate such walks into your work schedule. It doesn't matter if you work in an office or remotely.

What if we start on Monday?

Therefore, instead of making promises to yourself to start running, cycling, roller skating, or setting your own goals on Monday, it is better to choose a simulator for yourself. And start practicing on it even from Thursday, even from Friday. The main thing is to do it regularly.


You can use the simulators at a sports club or install them at home. What are the advantages of such an activity? You do not depend on weather conditions; you can combine it with other things: watch a movie, listen to a podcast, and indulge in your thoughts. If we are talking about a home simulator, then it is also always at your fingertips. So there is nothing easier than to get up, stretch, and walk or jog for 15–20 minutes. Wouldn't you agree that this is better than nothing?

And to motivate you even more, we have prepared a selection of simulators that will definitely not leave a chance for the accumulation of body fat. And in addition, they will improve your health and give you vitality.


One of the most popular options for increasing physical activity and reducing excess weight. It has been proven that 45 minutes of daily brisk walking can burn up to 600 calories. And if you also load yourself (change the angle of inclination or add traction for the legs), then fat burning will occur twice as fast.



What kind of treadmill should I choose for weight loss? Are considered the most effective (as opposed to magnetic and mechanical models). They have a smooth and silent ride, built-in shock absorption systems, and ready-made training programs. For example, interval training, weight loss training, endurance training, or a gentle regimen for people with contraindications to active activities.


Exercise bike

Exercise bikes, as you might guess from the name, imitate cycling. Therefore, it will be good for those people who like this type of activity. At the same time, it is very effective for weight loss because, with a 60-minute workout, you can easily say goodbye to 700 kcal. And in addition to this, work out the lower part of the trunk and strengthen your cardiovascular system.


Which exercise bike should I choose for weight loss? The most popular options are a spin bike and a magnetic vertical exercise bike. They differ in their degree of load. So, the vertical simulator has a step-by-step load system, which allows you to choose the best option for yourself. And it's perfect for novice users. A spin bike, on the other hand, has a stepless load system, so there is practically no maximum limit here. This makes this simulator ideal for experienced athletes.

Elliptical trainer

An alternative option for those who do not like to run or have problems with their joints and spine. In terms of efficiency, it is not inferior to a treadmill, so during training on an elliptical simulator, more than 90% of the muscles are involved. And in an hour of training, you can easily burn up to 800 calories. That is why such a simulator is considered effective for weight loss, strengthening the heart and vascular systems, and improving the relief of the body.


There are several variants of elliptical exercise machines on the market: mechanical, electromagnetic, and magnetic. The most advanced of them are considered electromagnetic ellipsoids. The principle of operation consists of the influence of an electromagnetic field on the flywheel. Such a simulator has various sensors that monitor body parameters and built-in training programs. Therefore, with regular training, you do not have a chance to stay overweight.

Choose the most comfortable option for yourself so that your workouts are a joy, and start your journey to your dream body today!

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